Body Jewelry Online – Body Piercing Kit 14G 16G 18G Body Jewelry Forceps Needles

Body Jewelry Online – Body Piercing Kit 14G 16G 18G Body Jewelry Forceps Needles

Body Jewelry Online – Body Piercing Kit 14G 16G 18G Body Jewelry Forceps Needles

Are you looking to get a body piercing? Look no further! Body Jewelry Online offers a comprehensive body piercing kit that includes everything you need for a safe and stylish piercing. Our kit includes a variety of body jewelry in 14G, 16G, and 18G sizes, as well as forceps and needles.

Why Choose Our Body Piercing Kit?

When it comes to body piercing, safety and quality are of utmost importance. Our body piercing kit is carefully curated to ensure a safe and hygienic piercing experience. Here’s why you should choose our kit:

1. High-Quality Body Jewelry

All the body jewelry included in our kit is made from high-quality materials such as surgical steel, titanium, and acrylic. These materials are hypoallergenic and safe for your body. We offer a wide range of styles and designs to suit your personal taste.

2. Variety of Sizes

Not all piercings are the same size, which is why our kit includes body jewelry in 14G, 16G, and 18G sizes. Whether you’re getting a belly button piercing, ear piercing, or nose piercing, we have the right size for you.

3. Sterilized Forceps and Needles

We understand the importance of sterilization when it comes to body piercing. That’s why our kit includes sterilized forceps and needles. These tools are essential for a safe and precise piercing. Rest assured that our kit meets the highest standards of hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this kit for self-piercing?

A: We highly recommend getting your piercing done by a professional piercer. However, if you have experience and knowledge in body piercing, you can use our kit for self-piercing. Make sure to follow proper sterilization procedures and take necessary precautions.

Q: How long does it take for a piercing to heal?

A: The healing time for a piercing varies depending on the location and individual. On average, it takes 6 to 8 weeks for a piercing to heal completely. However, some piercings may take longer. It’s important to follow aftercare instructions to promote healing.

Q: Can I change the jewelry after getting a piercing?

A: It’s recommended to wait until your piercing is fully healed before changing the jewelry. Changing the jewelry too soon can cause irritation and delay the healing process. Consult with your piercer for the appropriate time to change the jewelry.


With our Body Piercing Kit, you can have a safe and stylish piercing experience. Our high-quality body jewelry, variety of sizes, and sterilized tools ensure that you get the best results. Whether you’re a professional piercer or looking to do a self-piercing, our kit has everything you need. Get your Body Piercing Kit from Body Jewelry Online today!