DeLonghi EN 85 L Essenza Mini – Product Description

DeLonghi EN 85 L Essenza Mini – Product Description

DeLonghi EN 85 L Essenza Mini

Product Description

Espresso has concentrated its know-how and expertise on a completely new design from which its most compact machine has emerged to date, without the taste of coffee being affected. The new Essenza Mini machine combines ease of use, minimalist beauty and unparalleled quality to always create the perfect coffee cup. It’s a small machine that reveals the whole world of Nespresso coffee.


  • INGREDIENTS: Natural roast ground coffee, decaffeinated natural roast ground coffee.
  • Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
  • This package contains only a partial selection of coffees. Find out more at
  • Net weight (14 capsules): 75 g.
  • Net weight natural roast ground coffee (12 capsules): 65 g.
  • Net weight decaffeinated natural roast ground coffee (2 capsules): 10.8 g.
  • Consume preferably before the: see below.


  • Very slim: only 11 cm
  • 19 bar pressure
  • Automatic shutdown after 9 minutes (programmable)
  • Used capsule container with capacity for 6
  • 2 selectable cup sizes
  • Includes 14 capsules and 20€ of coffee credit
  • Nespresso France- 27 Rue du Colonel Pierre Avia – 75015 Paris
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How long does it take to brew a cup of coffee with the Essenza Mini?
  2. The Essenza Mini brews a cup of coffee in under 30 seconds, allowing you to enjoy your coffee quickly and conveniently.

  3. Can I use other coffee capsules with the Essenza Mini?
  4. No, the Essenza Mini is designed to be used exclusively with Nespresso coffee capsules to ensure the best quality and taste.

  5. How often should I clean the Essenza Mini?
  6. It is recommended to clean the Essenza Mini every 3 months or after every 300 capsules, whichever comes first. This will help maintain the machine’s performance and prolong its lifespan.


The DeLonghi EN 85 L Essenza Mini is the perfect coffee machine for those who value compactness, style, and quality. With its sleek design and advanced features, it delivers the perfect cup of coffee every time. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a convenient way to enjoy your daily caffeine fix, the Essenza Mini is sure to impress.