Flymo PowerVac 2700 Electric Blower 3000W 310 km/h Blow Speed

Flymo PowerVac 2700 Electric Blower, 3000W, 310 km/h Blow Speed

Flymo PowerVac 2700 Electric Blower, 3000W, 310 km/h Blow Speed

Are you tired of spending hours clearing leaves and debris from your garden? Look no further than the Flymo PowerVac 2700 Electric Blower. With its powerful 2700W motor and a blow speed of 310km/h, this electric blower and vacuum is designed to make garden maintenance a breeze.

Key Features

Powerful Performance

The 2700W motor provides the power you need to quickly and efficiently clear your garden of leaves and debris. With a blow speed of 310km/h, no leaf stands a chance.

Easy Mode Change

The innovative tool-less conversion system allows you to switch between blowing and vacuuming with ease. No more struggling with complicated attachments – simply flick a switch and you’re ready to go.

Shredding Function

With a shredding ratio of 14:1, the PowerVac 2700 ensures that more leaves can fit into the large 40L collection bag. This means less time spent emptying and more time tidying.

Variable Speed Control

Equipped with a variable speed function, you have complete control over the air flow. Adjust the speed as needed to tackle different types of debris and ensure a tidy finish to your garden.


Is the PowerVac 2700 suitable for medium sized gardens?

Yes, the PowerVac 2700 is specifically designed for medium sized gardens, providing the power and functionality needed for efficient garden maintenance.

Can it handle wet leaves and stubborn debris?

Absolutely! The jet vacuum feature is perfect for picking up even wet leaves and other stubborn debris, ensuring a thorough clean-up of your garden.


The Flymo PowerVac 2700 Electric Blower is a game-changer for garden maintenance. With its powerful performance, easy mode change, shredding function, and variable speed control, it takes the hassle out of clearing leaves and debris. Say goodbye to back-breaking manual labor and hello to a tidy, well-maintained garden with the PowerVac 2700.