JP Punch Bag – 5-Feet Heavy Duty UNFILLED Punching Bag

JP Punch Bag – 5-Feet Heavy Duty UNFILLED Punching Bag

JP Punch Bag – 5-Feet Heavy Duty UNFILLED Punching Bag

An Unfilled Punching bag is cheaper as you pay less in shipping and you can also customize the Bag to your own personal preference. If you want it harder, you fill it more. If you want it lighter for more movement, you use less stuffing. If you want it heavier, add more sandbags to the center.

It is best to buy the best quality Unfilled Punch Bag you can afford. If the Punch Bag is going to be used all the time, aim to buy a genuine leather Bag, if possible. If it is not going to be used as frequently, leather will be fine. The manufacturing process generally uses shredded raw materials and fabrics. You can also use raw materials and other fillers like sand to make the bag heavier and regain its original shape. It is best to have weight at the bottom of the bag to prevent it from freely swinging. The best thing is to put a weight at the bottom of the Punch Bag. If you are going to use sand, put it in a sealed bag first.

Start filling your Punch Bag with your raw materials. Keep filling right to the top, but keep in mind to allow just enough room to zip it back up. All of our Unfilled Punching Bags are designed for serious training. They are manufactured and designed to last a lifetime. Available in all different colors and sizes. The standard size and heavy-duty construction of our Unfilled Punching Bags provide the ideal target for building muscular endurance and mobility.

This detailed guide on how to fill an empty punching bag is our way to acknowledge and appreciate the passion of millions of martial artists worldwide for the sport. If you are practicing on a punching bag filled either too lightly or too heavily, it won’t only affect your training but might even lead to a potential injury. Our Unfilled Punching Bags are one of the most vital elements for any combat sports lover. It does not matter if you are just a novice or practicing your art at a pro level. Our Unfilled Punching Bags remain the focal point of your overall training.


JP Heavy Punching Bag is versatile, specially handcrafted for you to take your practice to the next level. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, it will boost up your punching strength and assist you in your MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing training.


Handmade and twin-layered, these Patent Pending heavy bags are almost indestructible.


The boxing bag is made with super brazing leather that is carefully sewn together so it will never tear, no matter how hard your punches. The bag has a zipped top to add fillings to adjust the weight.


JP Chain is made from high-quality Stainless Steel metal which has been specially shaped and made for punch bags. The Wall Bracket and Chain are powder coated to give it extra life and make it weatherproof and suitable for all environments.


JP UNFILLED punch bag comes with a hanging chain. The boxing bag has a zipped top and can be filled with tiny cloth & fabrics.