Kletterling Lemurenling Set – 3 sided Climbing Triangle (87 cm) with Slide (2 in 1) and Arch for Kids Age 1 through 6

Kletterling Lemurenling Set – 3 sided Climbing Triangle (87 cm) with Slide (2 in 1) and Arch for Kids Age 1 through 6

Kletterling Lemurenling Set – 3 sided Climbing Triangle (87 cm) with Slide (2 in 1) and Arch for Kids Age 1 through 6

In Madagascar, lemurs make the rainforest unsafe. With the “Lemurenling” set, children can transform their room into an adventure land. The “Orang-Utan” climbing triangle consists of three different climbing sides. The classic wall bars, a climbing wall to grasp and understand, as well as the climbing net, which, thanks to its soft material compared to wood, sends new impulses to the hands and feet and particularly promotes inner balance. Concentration is required when climbing the upper rungs, how do the handles and steps have to be changed? The sliding board can be hung on the wall bars for sliding or used as a bridge to the climbing arch. The climbing arch provides new stimuli, because it takes quite a while for our children to be able to climb over an arch, but practice makes perfect. All elements can be very nicely rebuilt as caves.


The “Orang-Utan” climbing triangle is 87 cm high, 100 cm long, and 62 cm wide. The sliding board is 100 cm long, 45 cm wide, and 6 cm thick. The large climbing arch: length 87 cm, width 62 cm, height 44 cm


All parts are made of Baltic birch plywood. The round poles are made of aspen wood with a diameter of 28 mm. The blue rope is made of nylon and has a diameter of 12 mm. You can also get the orangutan climbing triangle with a natural jute rope. Then select “natural rope” in the menu. Harmless and free of harmful substances: no paints or dyes are used in the Kletterling workshop. Your climber will only be sanded by hand. So that your child does not lose touch with nature, it can feel, see, and smell the soft wood. Naturalness is the best protection against pollutants and sensitizes to the wonders of nature.

Care Instructions

We recommend not oiling the natural wood. If there are any annoying stains on the climbers, they can easily be sanded off with the sandpaper provided. Please gently stroke the affected area until it looks like brand new.

Indoor and Outdoor Fun

The climbing triangle with slide and climbing arch is inspired by the Emmi Pikler triangle set and provides lots of fun in the children’s room. It promotes motor development, concentration, creativity, muscle building, self-confidence, balance, and dexterity. It can be used indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile and expandable toy.

Stable and Safe

The climbing triangle is designed to provide stable and safe climbing for small and large children. The extra wide stand and the use of only high-quality materials (aspen and birch plywood) ensure a butter-soft feel and are guaranteed without burrs and splinters.

Handmade and Sustainable

The Lemurenling set is 100% natural, handmade, and sustainable. It is free from harmful substances, untreated, and produced under fair conditions. With attention to detail, it offers unique and sustainable fun for children aged 1 through 6.

For Babies and Children

The climbing triangle is suitable for babies and children from 10 months to 5-6 years. It is a climbing toy that promotes physical and cognitive development.