Microlife BP W100 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife BP W100 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife BP W100 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Introducing the Microlife BP W100, the first wrist blood pressure monitor with BHS approval, grade A/A. This fully automatic monitor is designed to provide accurate and reliable blood pressure readings in the comfort of your own home.

Key Features

PAD Technology

The W100 blood pressure monitor is equipped with PAD technology, which stands for pulse arrhythmia detection. This innovative feature detects irregular heartbeats during measurement and alerts you to potential heart rhythm disorders.

AAM Technology

With AAM technology, short for average arterial measurement, the W100 calculates the average of three consecutive measurements for more accurate results. This ensures that you get a reliable reading that reflects your true blood pressure.

Stores 200 Measurements

Never worry about losing track of your blood pressure readings again. The W100 can store up to 200 measurements, allowing you to easily track your progress over time. This feature is especially useful for those who need to monitor their blood pressure regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the W100 clinically tested?

Yes, the W100 has been clinically tested according to the BHS protocol. This means that it has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

2. Can the W100 be used by multiple users?

Yes, the W100 can be used by multiple users. It has a memory function that allows each user to store their own measurements separately.

3. Is the W100 easy to use?

Yes, the W100 is designed to be user-friendly. It has a large display with easy-to-read numbers and a simple one-button operation.


The Microlife BP W100 is a top-of-the-line wrist blood pressure monitor that combines advanced technologies with user-friendly features. With its PAD technology, AAM technology, and ability to store 200 measurements, it provides accurate and reliable readings for anyone in need of regular blood pressure monitoring. Take control of your health with the Microlife BP W100.