Smead Classificatn Folders with Fasteners

Smead Classificatn Folders with Fasteners

Smead Classificatn Folders with Fasteners

Are you tired of dealing with disorganized documents? Look no further than the Smead Classificatn Folders with Fasteners. These folders are designed to help you keep your important papers in order and easily accessible.

Organize Your Documents Efficiently

With 1 divider, these folders provide a convenient way to categorize your documents. Whether you need to separate invoices from receipts or contracts from correspondence, these folders have got you covered.

High-Quality Manila Material

The Smead Classificatn Folders are made of durable Manila material, ensuring that they can withstand frequent use. The sturdy construction guarantees that your documents will stay secure and protected.

Fasteners for Added Security

Each folder is equipped with fasteners, allowing you to securely attach your documents. Say goodbye to loose papers and hello to a neat and organized filing system.

Perfect for Any Office

Whether you work in a small home office or a large corporate setting, these folders are a must-have. They are designed to fit letter-sized documents, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I use these folders for legal-sized documents?
  2. No, these folders are specifically designed for letter-sized documents. If you need folders for legal-sized papers, we recommend checking out our other products.

  3. How many folders are included in a box?
  4. Each box contains 10 folders, providing you with ample storage space for your documents.

  5. Are the fasteners removable?
  6. No, the fasteners are permanently attached to the folders for added security.

In conclusion, the Smead Classificatn Folders with Fasteners are the perfect solution for organizing your documents. Made of high-quality Manila material and equipped with fasteners, these folders offer both durability and security. Don’t let your paperwork pile up any longer – invest in these folders and experience the benefits of an organized office.